Umm. Boney Kapoor Asked Arjun Kapoor If He Was Gay!

Sukriti Gumber , 17 Jul 2017

Arjun Kapoor recently shared a funny incident from his early 20’s. He told DNA that during those days when he did not own a car, he would borrow his father Boney Kapoor’s Mercedes to go to nightclubs with his buddies. Why, you ask?! That’s because stags had a better chance of gaining entry if they arrived in a fancy car. (Yeah, those were the times!)

Arjun said:

When it happened three-four times, my father asked me if I had a girlfriend. I said that I didn’t and I was hanging with three-four friends at clubs. My worried dad then gently enquired if I was straight!

LOL! Obviously Arjun was shocked at that time, but he now laughs whenever he recalls the incident.

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