"Minding A Little Girl Is A Tough Job" - Akshay Kumar On Parenting Nitara

Divya Rao , 21 Jul 2017
Akshay Kumar and Nitara
Akshay Kumar and Nitara

Akshay Kumar is currently in London shooting for Reema Kagti‘s next, and apart from shooting back-to-back, he’s also spending some quality time with his darling daughter Nitara. His wife Twinkle Khanna is away in Europe on holiday, so he decided to take Nitara with him to London. But what’s funny is that Akshay revealed to Mumbai Mirror in an interview that taking care of a little girl by yourself is actually quite the task. Haha.

Here are some excerpts.

On how he has finally understood how much work his wife Mrs. Funnybones puts in.

My wife is touring Europe, my son Aarav is in Oxford for a two-week study course so I’m babysitting my daughter Nitara besides shooting for a film. And I have to confess that minding a little girl is a tough job. My admiration for Mrs Funnybones has gone up several notches after realising the magnitude of the task. I don’t know how she writes, designs, looks after our children and still manages to stay calm on most days.

On what his daily routine is like with his daughter.

Every morning, Nitara and I have breakfast together, then, we go to this park nearby where one can feed domestic animals like rabbits and goats. After her day-nurse comes, I travel to London for my shoot. Post pack-up, I take my daughter out again. The other evening, we went to watch Cars. Half way through the film she decided that she was tired, so we had to leave and drive back. I tried explaining to her that I wanted to continue watching the movie till the end, to no avail. Bringing up a baby is tough.

Hahaha. It’s hilarious how he has the most dad things to say.

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