Manveer Gurjar Opens Up About His Bond With Kamya Panjabi

Swagata Dam , 22 Jul 2017

Former Big Boss contestants from two different seasons, Manveer Gurjar and Kamya Panjabi were  recently linked to each other. Rumours suggested that something was brewing between the two of them. Clarifying the reports, Manveer India Today Online:

People have been linking me to one person or the other since the time I have landed in India from Spain.

Talking about his bond with Kamya, he said:

If I say nice things about her, you will feel there is definitely something cooking between us. But I want to praise this lady who rooted for me when I wasn’t even aware of her support. She approached my family, made a video, tagged Colors, Endemol and everyone. My family couldn’t do all that because we didn’t have any social media accounts. I made my Instagram account in February. She arranged all the promotional activities. Her support definitely made a difference… I also supported her and tagged her when she got nominated for an awards show recently. When she won the award, in her speech, she said that she would like to thank someone special and that is Manveer Gurjar. People should not misconstrue our bond. The fact is that we are good friends, we hang out together, just the way I hang out with Nitibha.

He also added that he loves partying and hanging out with his friends and such stories are bound to float around.

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