5 Highly Instagramable Things About The Audi Summit In Barcelona!

MissMalini , 24 Jul 2017

So I finally made it to Barcelona! (That’s been on my bucket list for about 10 years, so thank you Audi!) It was short but sweet and super fun. Here are 5 awesome – and by that I mean extremely Instagram friendly – things about my trip. Ready?

Streets like this… Europe is so romantic! #DesiGirlTraveler

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1. Ola Barcelona!

Beautiful Barcelona! #DesiGirlTraveler

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Barcelona is beautiful and super laid back. The people are friendly and happy and I think the whole post-lunch siesta plan is #winning!

Seafood #paella! @AudiIN #MyKindOfAudi #foodporn #foodcoma lol. #DesiGirlTraveler

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Which is why, after a leisurely lunch on the beach front (of – you guessed it – Spanish sea-food Paella) I headed back to the hotel to do just that! Nap. I mean when in Spain right?

Hello from the @hiltonhotels #Barcelona! #DesiGirlTraveler #MyKindOfAudi @AudiIN More on @MissMalini [email protected]

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2. The Barca Crew.

My partners in crime – Nishka Lulla, Varun Bahl and Che Kurien were all super fun company along with the awesome Audi team leaders, Rahil Ansari and Abbey Thomas. (Rahil has some serious Segway game btw, check it out below) and as you can see, we have some pretty epic boomerang game too!

3. Dinner At 7 Portes.

Imagine how good, food that looks like this, must taste! #Yum.

And the piece-de-resistance! @7Portes @AudiIN #MyKindOfAudi #DesiGirlTraveler #foodporn for @nrizwanu haha

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Anchovies anyone? @7Portes #MyKindOfAudi @audiin #DesiGirlTraveler #foodporn

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Deep-fried squid in batter. Anything fried is always a hit isn't it?! @7Portes #MyKindOfAudi @audiin

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4. A City Segway Tour!

Yes, that’s exactly what it sounds like. While I initially thought we were going to do the 2 minute trial you usually do for these things, turns out we really were going to spend an hour on two open-air wheels touring around the citadel. To be honest with you, I did not think I would make it past the first traffic light, but to my utter surprise I managed a whole hour! It was, by far, the most awesome city tour transportation I have ever taken and I highly recommend you try it.
Notes to self: 1. When you want to stop, lean back 2. Its hard to look cute in a helmet hahaha

5. The Audi A8 Sensory Overdose.

The A8 launch at the summit (which was the whole point of the trip) turned out to be just the most mind-blowing presentation. From a rally of their classic cars driving around the auditorium, to interesting installations of all the intricate parts that go into making an Audi – the Summit had it all! The piece-de-resistance was, of course, the grand unveiling (Hollywood style) of the new Audi A8 – it made an entrance like any classy superhero would – suspended in the air. Now that’s drive drama for you!

Say hello to the spanking new Audi A8! Suspended no less – clearly from the future. @AudiIN #MyKindOfAudi

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Chilling in the new Audi A8 unveiled at the Audi Summit 2017, Barcelona! @AudiIN #MyKindOfAudi

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What really blew me away was how Audi is truly set to drive us into the future. Futuristic designs and self-driven cars that give you that much-craved for extra time in your life – what Audi likes to call “the 25th hour” – to spend as you please. Love that! Also any car that can park itself is #MyKindOfAudi!

Wait, the Audi A8 can even park itself?! Move over Kit, Knight Rider has a new ride! @AudiIN #MyKindOfAudi

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They even have an electric sports car, how cool is that?

An electric sports car from Audi! #MyKindOfAudi @AudiIN How cool is that?!

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The most random but beautiful thing happened on this trip (yet again proving that Instagram should be president!). I met a wonderful girl named Salima, in Barcelona, who literally tracked me down from my Instagram posts to tell me how she was inspired by MissMalini and her love for Bollywood movies to start her own Bollywood blog – in Spanish! I think that’s just about the coolest thing ever. It was a delight to meet you Salima, looks like I just found my favourite Spanish Bollywood Blogger too! #tothemoon

We celebrated that meeting with drinks at the “W” – An absolutely fabulous pool-side bar with the best bartenders ever! When we went up to them and said, “hey how’s it going?” they said, “we were waiting for you!” #LoveThat!

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