An Intimate & Consensual Sex Scene Happened On Game Of Thrones And Everyone Was So Happy

Shreemi Verma , 24 Jul 2017
Source: HBO India

The latest episode of Game of Thrones was a helluva ride. With ships blasting, Theon pulling off a Reek, Arya meeting Nymeria, and Jon Snow going to visit Daenerys, the hour was full of epic scenes. In all this drama, Greyworm and Missandei – the most trusted aides of the Dragon Queen – had an intense moment which lead to the most romantic and consensual sex scene we’ve seen in a while.

Game of Thrones is not really known for its romantic moments. The last true-blue portrayal of love was shown in season 3 when Jon Snow and Ygritte consummated their relationship and Robb Stark married Talisa. Robb and Talisa were brutally murdered in the Red Wedding and Ygritte was killed in battle. The only couple that is alive and well is Jaime and Cersei who also happen to be siblings. Clearly, romance and GOT don’t go hand in hand. Maybe that’s why it was so heartwarming to see Greyworm call Missandei his ‘weakness’.

While it was obvious how difficult it was for Greyworm to open up like that, Missandei wanted to take things further. In her own words, she wants to ‘see‘ him. He was hesitant at first, as all the members of the Unsullied army are castrated. But he eventually shed his inhibitions, and like Jon Snow, he started their lovemaking by going down on his partner.

People were very excited by this sexy development –

I hope they stay together forever!

Who am I kidding? It’s Game of Thrones.

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