The Latest Episode Of Game Of Thrones Had The Most Heartbreaking Twist

Shreemi Verma , 24 Jul 2017
Arya Stark
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Don’t read if you haven’t watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones. This post has spoilers, lots of spoilers.

Stormborn, the second episode of Game of Thrones season 7 aired today and it hit us right in the feels. The body count of this notorious (and my favourite) TV show grew larger by the end of this episode, but this wasn’t what made me sob.

In the first episode of this season, we learned that Arya Stark is going to King’s Landing to kill the queen (she literally says that to a group of Lannister soldiers, one of them is Ed Sheeran). They all laugh it off, and so does she, but that’s actually her plan of action until she meets her old friend and chef Hot Pie at a tavern!

He basically recaps all the events she has missed (and we might have forgotten), informing her about Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor and Jon Snow defeating the Boltons in the battle of the bastards.

With this newfound information, Arya decides to change her location and go north to Winterfell to meet her favourite brother. On her way, she comes across a pack of really threatening wolves who look. The leader of the pack though, is someone familiar.

That’s Nymeria – Arya’s direwolf. The same wolf Goddess who attacked Joffery when he threatened Arya in season one. The same gorgeous hound who Arya ordered to run away so that Cersei doesn’t kill her.

Arya recognizes her long lost pet and asks her to come home with her. “I’m finally going home; come with me“, she says. But Nymeria, whose presence has tamed the other wolves, turns away. Arya then says, “That’s not you…“. This might sound like she isn’t her direwolf, but that’s not true. The leader of the pack is indeed Nymeria and Arya knows it. The change here is that she isn’t Arya’s pet anymore. This scene is a brilliant throwback to a conversation between Arya and Ned in season one –

People couldn’t handle this moment.


At least Nymeria will stay alive. Right? RIGHT???

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