This TV Actress Lashed Out At The Makers Of Jamai Raja For Not Paying Her Dues

Divya Rao , 24 Jul 2017

Remember the show Jamai Raja starring Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma? The show also had Sara Arfeen Khan on it for a brief time but show was later taken off air. It’s been a couple of months since the show ended but makers still haven’t paid Sara her dues. She had been on the show for three months from October to December and was supposed to get her first cheque in January, but didn’t receive it as the makers had gone AWOL. She tried getting in touch with them for five months and after no response, took the matter to CINTAA (Cine and TV Arts Association).

Understandably agitated, she spoke to BollywoodLife about the issue.

After 5 months of no one responding to our calls and messages, we actors formed a group and decided to go to CINTAA. CINTAA organised a meeting  with Meenakshi, who promised us that the cheques would be cleared in a few weeks. She even mailed us the same. After that we waited for another two months, but nothing happened. Finally after dropping messages and warning her a couple of times about going to the media, her office staff released two post dated cheques for one month’s payment. But the first cheque bounced! I informed the office and got really mad at them and they promised me that they will issue another cheque and that the 2nd one will not bounce.

Unfortunately for her, the second cheque also bounced and she decided to get her lawyers involved. The team then promised to do an RTGS transfer within five days but she was only paid a meagre amount and nothing close to what they actually owed her. It’s been seven months since her part on the show ended and she has now sent a notice to the makers. She further added,

I feel very cheated as I used to work religiously and would travel for 3 hours daily to Naigaon for the show. Most of the time I even put in extra hours, which clearly has not been appreciated.

Oh no! That’s really unfortunate and unprofessional on the makers’ end. We hope this matter gets resolved soon.

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