In 2015, a photo of Anu Malik and Anil Kapoor went viral. It looked like the two are about to kiss each other on the lips. Now, around 2 years later, Anil finally addressed what exactly was happening during that moment in an interview to Here’s what he has to say –

You know Anu Malik is a very loving, warm kind of a person. He’s very physical when he meets you. I was trying to greet someone, he (Anu Malik) likes me a lot and he wanted to hug me. And I was meeting someone else and he pulled me and I was in a crossfire of photographers and it looks like he’s trying to kiss me.

The interviewer then said – “That means it didn’t happen right?”

To which Anil replied – “Thank God!”.

I mean they don’t look THAT bad together. What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments below!