Milind Soman is every 90’s girl’s dream man – but that’s not what makes him special! It’s the fact that he’s still one of the hottest and fittest men we have in our country, EVEN AT 51. Also, he is unattainable, which makes him even hotter, if you know what I mean!

Milind aka Greek God is not single, FYI. He is dating Ankita Konwar, who is almost half his age. But that doesn’t bother him, as he told a leading daily:

A relationship is about both the people, and I don’t consider age at all for anything – whether it’s relationships, fitness or health or whatever.

Bah! Of course age doesn’t matter in Milind’s case. He’s an exception, and so is Ankita, because she got to be THE ONE.

Check out some oh-so-romantic pictures of Milind and Ankita:

Ankita often chills with his family too:

Okay, you can go back to crying and fantasising about this Adonis.