Hello Hollywood! My Trip To The Valerian World Premiere In Los Angeles

Hello Hollywood! My Trip To The Valerian World Premiere In Los Angeles

Malini Agarwal

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Vlog No. 10: The World Premiere of Valerian in LA! #100DaysVlo…
Guess who I saw at the world premiere of Valerian in LA?! Watch this video to see my favourite Hollywood stars on the red carpet xoxo ? #Valerian #WorldOfValerian #ValerianInIndia
Posted by MissMalini on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

So I’m back from the most epic “work” trip I’ve been on in a while! Barcelona, New York and Los Angeles – all in a span of 10 (too short) days… And I have to say, the final stop on my ride was to attend my FIRST EVER Hollywood world premiere and it was everything I hoped it would be, thank you PVR Pictures!

First up, it was for the SciFi flick Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets which I have been DYING to see AND I even got a prize spot on the red carpet so when Rihanna walked in, she was literally 4 steps away from me! (Her candy floss dress and pink peep-toe lace ups were to-die-for btw.)

Bonus spotting of Cara Delevingne‘s BFF, Kendall Jenner! (Love that dress.)

This movie, I kid you not, is every SciFi junkie’s wet dream! From the exceptional imagining of worlds and life forms beyond our universe to the hilarious (and not to mention gorgeous) cast of Dane DeHaan, Cara Delevingne, Rihanna etc. This comic book saga comes to life with incredible special effects, a pacy storyline and a quirky new age love story – that for me – blew both Star Wars and Avatar out of the water. I am already director Luc Besson‘s #1 fan, ever since The Fifth Element, which remains my favourite movie of all time! #truestory.

Also since I love movie trivia check this out:

Luc Besson deliberately chose to shoot the film, an adaptation of a French comic, in English with English-speaking actors in order to raise its chances of a wider audience.

There are 200 different alien species in this movie. Luc Besson wrote a 600 page book describing in details all the species. The actors had to read that book prior to filming so they could adjust their acting depending on the species they were interacting with. (Luc, I need that book!)
Psst! Rihanna plays one of them! An alien stripper in fact.

The futuristic New York City in Luc Besson’s previous film The Fifth Element (1997) was visually inspired by “The Circles of Power”, the fifteenth volume in the “Valérian and Laureline” comic series.

Luc Besson chose not to shoot the movie in 3D because 3D cameras are too heavy for his style of filming like running behind an actor or unusual angles of filming.

There are 2734 special effect shots in this movie compared to “only” 188 in ‘The Fifth Element (1997)

Released in 2017, the year of Valerian’s 50th anniversary. Now go watch it. Twice.

Oh and dear Santa, please put this Skyjet on my wish list!

PS. Much love to the wonderful peeps over at Hotel Beverly Terrace, just the cutest little boutique hotel ever.

More pictures from my trip here! xoxo

You can find out more about the film on PVR Pictures’ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This post is in partnership with PVR Pictures.