"I Try To Protect Her From The Media" - Varun Dhawan On Natasha Dalal

Sukriti Gumber , 27 Jul 2017
Varun Natasha
Source: Instagram

Neha Dhupia is back with the second season of #N0FilterNeha, and so are the stars with their candid confessions. Recently, Varun Dhawan was on Neha’s podcast and rightly so, he did not put any filter while talking about his childhood sweetheart, Natasha Dalal.

Varun was asked if he had found the perfect girl to be his life partner, and he said:

Yes, I have and I haven’t hidden it that I have been in a relationship. I have just not spoken about it openly because the media sometimes makes different versions of it. Also, she is not from the film industry, so I try to protect her from the media. I am protecting my personal life because it is my sanity. When I am done shooting and I am home, that’s my reality, my reality check.

Aww! Isn’t it just too sweet when your childhood love continues well into your youth & beyond!

He also spoke about his marriage plans:

We have not thought that much ahead. Sometimes in life when you find someone that connects with you, everything else that you have thought about like the end of life, does not actually matter. Certain relationships give us that feel. There are certain connections, bonds that will pull you and make you do these thing. And you will not do that for everyone.

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