Guess Who: This Leading Actress Gave Her Crew A Tough Time With Her Temper Tantrums

Divya Rao , 28 Jul 2017

Another morning, another blind item. This time, we happened to stumble upon this piece from DNA. Reportedly, a leading Bollywood actress who’s known for her temperamental nature in general is shooting for her next film in New York. While people who have worked with her in India are aware of her starry attitude and tantrums, it’s the new foreign crew that had to bear the brunt of this. We hear she was extremely picky and had an issue with almost everything – right from her scenes to her clothes, and gave the crew a tough time. The film also has another senior Bollywood actress, who on the other hand, has now become everyone’s favourite because of her polite nature.

Who could this be? Any guesses?

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