This Is Probably VJ Bani & Yuvraj Thakur's Most Romantic Photo

Swagata Dam , 28 Jul 2017

VJ Bani and Yuvraj Thakur are madly in love with each other. And though both of them were slightly reluctant about social media PDA unlike most other TV couples, the two have stopped shying away now. They often post adorable pictures of/with each other and their fans have been loving it. Recently, Yuvraj put up a super romantic photo of themselves along with the sweetest caption.

And just a couple of hours ago, he shared this hazy but happy picture.

How beautiful it is to just keep going. Keep moving to somewhere we don’t know about, we won’t ever know about because we don’t wanna know, we just wanna be where we are, this is the place where everything is changing, roads, turns, terrains, skyscrapers, grounds, mountains, what might be ahead of us and what’s left behind, except one thing that remains a little longer than any other form around and that’s you with me, me with you, we with each other, keep sitting with me till you can, keep holding me tight, I am fading by each passing moment. I knew that I’ll fade, I knew that everything will change, I also knew that if I change, if I fade, I would like to fade upon you, I would like to have you as my background, I would like to be noticed under your sky like presence. I would fade into you, to be you. . #yuvwrites . #onebigmoment #dayslikethese #timeslikethese #thedanceoflife #oneandonly #yourstruly

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Aww, cuties!

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