Salman Khan Reportedly Stopped Inder Kumar From Participating In Bigg Boss

Shreemi Verma , 28 Jul 2017
Inder Kumar and Salman Khan

Actor Inder Kumar passed away at his residence this morning because of a cardiac arrest. Inder was known for his roles in Wanted, Tumko Na Bhool Payenge and Kahin Pyaar Na Ho Jaye, all of them starred Salman Khan. According to a report on, Inder was also offered to be a part of Bigg Boss (which is hosted by Salman) but the superstar advised him not to take it up.

The makers of the show approached him after Inder was accused of raping a struggling actress in May 2014. He denied the allegations, saying that the relationship was consensual. He was then granted bail in June.

Knowing the show’s penchant of putting controversial people together, Inder was apparently considered for a long time. But the actor was plagued with injuries due to an action sequence gone wrong. According to the website, Salman told Inder to drop the idea of joining Bigg Boss as it would aggravate his injuries. Despite his poor financial condition, he paid heed to Salman’s advice and didn’t go ahead with the reality show.

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