Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza has worked actively to spread awareness about environmental issues and has always championed for causes that are important – like the Narmada Bachao Andolan, Swachh Saati, and more. She has also been the brand ambassador for the Wildlife Trust Of India. Which is why, she has now been awarded the Valerian Of Environmental Issues Award. That’s amazing, isn’t it?

If you watched Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets, you’ll know that Valerian is synonymous with ‘Saviour’, which is the chief motto of the movie. And given this, the makers have now handpicked those celebrities who are fighting for a good cause against social menace, and have decided to award them with something special.

Here are the other actors they’ve recognised.

Abhay Deol – Valerian Of Racism

Abhay Deol

He openly spoke against the use of fairness creams and sparked off a nationwide debate, which brought to the fore some very important points. He also expressed his unbiased views on gender stereotypes in Hindi cinema. Open conversation about topics such as these is surely a way to a better future within the industry.

Juhi Chawla – Valerian Of Alternate Education

Juhi Chawla

Apart from being an amazing actress, Juhi Chawla is also a philanthropist. She has actively worked on creating awareness about the  ill effects of using plastic, urging people to reduce their consumption. She also educates people on the harmful consequences of radiation through mobile phones and focuses of the education system too.

Terence Lewis – Valerian Of Alternate Education

Terence Lewis

He has been one of the pioneering forces in Western dance styles like jazz and contemporary becoming so famous in India. He has always supported art in way that he could – be it big or small, and also runs his own training institute – The Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute, where they focus on teaching the art form and nurture people into the industry.

That’s incredible, isn’t it? More power to all these people!

PS – Our boss lady was at the Valerian premiere in LA and had an absolutely amazing time. You can watch it all on the vlog here.

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