When it comes to getting inked, we’ve heard of wrist, ankle and even head tattoos. However, the latest tattoo trend is on an unlikely location… the armpit. Instagrammers all over the globe have taken to showcasing their tattooed pits, with designs ranging from cute to edgy. Check out a few of them below.

1. Flower Power

Floral patterns are definitely the most popular ones for this trend. The more intricate and colourful the tattoo is, the more beautiful it gets.

2. Sweet And Sugary

We all believe that desserts are #bae, but tattooing a cupcake on your pits takes the sugar addiction to another level.

3. Webbed Out

Haunted houses, spooky stories and spiderweb tattoos go hand-in-hand.

4. Animal Lover

Inking an image of your pooch on your pits is one way of showing your love.

5. Artsy

Detailed designs and doodles look surprisingly chic in this area.

Although getting yourself inked in this delicate zone is painful, there is one advantage to it. Unlike a lot of tattoos, these can be covered up easily when required. What are your thoughts?