As per a blind item on, an actress who is starring in two ensemble Bollywood films this year is getting a little difficult to work with. In a departure from her otherwise cool image, she has been throwing tantrums at media events and interviews.

While her manager has tried to intervene, the actress is unperturbed because with time, she has become rather close to her superstar co-star who is mentoring her. She knows if he throws in a good word for her, that’ll be enough to get her new projects.

The actor in question and the actress met on the sets of their film and hit it off instantly. The problem here is that he is married and she has a boyfriend, but they don’t really care. Due to this newfound closeness, the actress has walked out of many interviews citing health reasons and even shot down questions that she didn’t find interesting enough. She’s also thinking of upping her fees for brand endorsements and appearances, if the movies she’s starring in, do well at the box office.

Any guesses?