The poster of Sanjay Dutt‘s latest film Bhoomi has been the talk of the town over the last couple of days. Why? Because it’s his first film post his release from prison. Unfortunately for the team, Bhoomi‘s super intense poster was compared to that of Liam Neeson‘s The Grey, and people couldn’t help but notice the similarity between the two.

Bhoomi and The Grey

In a recent interview with Mid-Day, director Omung Kumar lashed out at these trolls saying there are lots of posters out there that are similar.

It’s a shot in my movie’s climax. It’s not a standalone image that we shot to use for the poster. There are many Bollywood and Hollywood films that have similar posters. That doesn’t warrant criticism. Sanjay sir’s eyes do the talking; his grungy look and grit is evident in this image. The power of this film lies in the intensity of our leading man. If we don’t show that, what should we show? Why wouldn’t I bank on my actor’s face? Baba is back and that’s the message.

He further added,

Why single my film out? Anyone who understands art will tell you about the detailing in our poster. I don’t give a damn about what people say. If need be, I will put blinders on. We’ve put sweat and blood into giving Baba a film worthy of his name. Trolls achieve nothing in their lives and derive pleasure by pulling people down. Once the trailer releases, everyone will shut up.

Well, we’ll have to wait for the trailer and see. What are your thoughts?