Parekh & Singh Announce Five City Tour Of India

Meg DSouza , 02 Aug 2017

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Dream-pop duo, Parekh & Singh announced dates for their India Tour last week and right on cue, our dreamy eyes glazed over. If you haven’t heard of this rather dapper pair then you’ve come to the right place!

Born and brought up in Kolkatta, Nischay Parekh (vocals, guitars & keyboards) and Jivraj Singh (drums, beats & effects) are best buds who are both supremely talented and accomplished musicians. Parekh roped in Singh in 2011 for what was originally his own solo project and together they released a gorgeous 9 track album called “Ocean”, first under an independent label in 2013 and then again, in 2016, on British Indie label, Peacefrog Records.

Nischay Parekh & Jivraj Singh
Nischay Parekh & Jivraj Singh | Source: Parekh & Singh

Soon after they re-released their single, “I Love You Baby, I Love You Doll” along with a highly stylised Wes Anderson-esque music video which got a whole lot of attention from all over the world. Press play to watch the video below and join the hype because this baby currently clocks in at a whopping 894,424 views!

The music they make is whimsical and so easy to listen to. Their sound is totally current and yet you can clearly hear some familiar and classic influences. I personally love their songwriting, their live shows and their musical and visual sensibilities (*flashback to when they topped my Top 10 Indie Releases of 2016 *). It’s been upwards of a year since I last got to catch these boys on stage – maybe because they’ve spent a good part of 2017 touring the UK and taking their live shows to a growing audience abroad – so I’m quite excited about their show in Mumbai next week.

Parekh & Singh start their tour on Friday, August 4th, with a show in Bangalore at The Humming Tree, then move on to play antiSOCIAL in Mumbai on the 10th, High Spirits in Pune on the 12th, The Electric Room in Delhi on the 18th and then conclude at Jamsteady in their hometown on the 26th of this month. Click to follow the band on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for all updates on their tour and other news and definitely click here to download and stream their glittering album, “Ocean”.

Parekh & Singh
Parekh & Singh

We know, from our trusty sources, that the fellahs have got a full audio-visual experience in the works this time so I can’t wait to see what they’ve got stored up their high fashion designer sleeves!

Cashh yall out on Newbury Street!

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