Sana Khan Hits Back At Haters For Making Fun Of Her ‘Awkward’ Hug With Salman Khan

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Sana Khan
Sana Khan

Sana Khan‘s hug with Salman Khan at a recent award show has gone viral for all the wrong reasons! Salman was seen hugging her with his fists closed and everyone went on a rant about how awkward it was especially because she was wearing a backless dress.

True Gentleman❤ Salman Khan won’t touch bare back of actress sana khan [ #SalmanKhan #SanaKhan #Bollywood ]

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Sana has now come forth and lashed out all the haters who’ve been criticising her. Here’s what she told HT,

I still can’t believe that a normal hug was trending, trolling, and rolling. People just blew it out of proportion because Salman had a closed fist, and some dumb people even called it an awkward hug. Who the hell am I to make him feel uncomfortable? It’s stupid to put somebody down by saying such a nasty thing and showing me in a wrong light. It’s not as if I went to hug him and he didn’t recognise me. Couldn’t it be somebody’s style? Maybe he hugs like that. I don’t know. I think the best person to ask this would be Salman. He has been in the film industry for over 25 years, so don’t think backless even matters to him… he has seen more than that (laughs). Let’s not talk like a five-year-old and make all this sound so big.

Hmm. True! Blown a little out of proportion, don’t you think? Also, the two have worked together on Bigg Boss and Sana did a film with him back in 2014 too – Jai Ho.

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