The new ‘twist’ in the strangest show on Indian television right now – Pehredaar Piya Ki is that the couple (ugh) will be going for a honeymoon.

The couple in question is a 10-year-old prince (or is he 9?) and a grown woman (around 18-20 years old). They’ve gotten married because he lost his parents and apparently this is the only way left to protect him from harm. Now there are reports that reverse Lolita will be going on a honeymoon.

Pehredaar Piya Ki
Pehredaar Piya Ki

So here’s a list of suggestions for the makers of Pehredaar Piya Ki  –

1) Therapy.

2) There’s a great counselor I know in Juhu, can totally get you in touch.

3) Visit the counselor, don’t cancel that appointment.

4) This is what therapy means:

Therapy, also called psychotherapy or counseling, is the process of meeting with a therapist to resolve problematic behaviors, beliefs, feelings, relationship issues, and/or somatic responses.

5) You should totally give it a try.

6) Give yourself some time off, visit the therapist.

7) Read good books, watch good things, do what your therapist tells you to do.

8) There’s nothing to be ashamed of, all of us go through strange phases.

9) Showing a child married to a grown woman and trying to pass that off as ‘cute’ is problematic.

10) You’d know if you visited that therapist.

11) Please, do it now.