How about people on both sides of the border coming together to serve food to one million fellow citizens! Wouldn’t that be beautiful to witness. Well guess what… It’s happening! Come Independence Day, dressed in green and stocked with a million meals, the Robin Hood Army will be taking to the streets of our cities to do just that.

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#Mission1Million Video

This Independence Day – Join the the largest war against Hunger. #Mission1MillionRobin Hood Army

Posted by Robin Hood Army on Monday, August 7, 2017

Started by two friends in 2014, the Robin Hood idea was to collect excess food from restaurants and distribute it to the less fortunate. It’s been three years now and the first two ‘Robins’ have grown into a team of over 10,000! United in their fight against hunger, they’ve now served food to 2.1 million people across 41 cities in 10 countries and they’re just getting started.

We’ve been following their work as they prepare to execute the big #Mission1Million on August 14th and 15th. Here’s a bit more we’ve learned about them:

Come rain or shine (or floods), nothing stops the Robins!

They are very resourceful.

Robin Hood Army | Facebook
Robin Hood Army | Facebook

And the smiles are contagious.

They got to Farhan Akhtar too!

We can’t handle this cuteness either.

We’ve also learned some scary facts. Did you know that every 10 seconds a child dies from hunger, and that it kills more people each year than AIDS, Malaria and terrorism combined. We have over 230 million citizens between India and Pakistan alone who sleep hungry every night. The good news is that together we can change that. With a strict no-funds policy, the Robins just want your time.

Now who can resist that. Click here if you’re joining the army too! #Mission1Million