Urinary Tract Infections, or UTIs, are one of those things that should be discussed openly – but aren’t. More than 150 million cases of such an infection are reported every year across the globe, with women being more prone to developing it. From backaches, nausea and burning sensations, the symptoms of a UTI are quite serious. However, you can greatly reduce your chances of catching this type of infection with a few good practices:

1. Visit The Loo Frequently

Rather than holding off on going to the bathroom, emptying your bladder every few hours can do you a world of good. This practice is especially important after intercourse, as urinating will push out any bacteria that could have made its way into your body.

2. Clean Hygienically

Remember this: Always wipe from front to back. This simple step can prevent any faecal bacteria from entering your urethra. Also, remember to change your pads or tampons at regular intervals when you are menstruating.

3. Avoid Chemicals

Powders, wipes and body washes can alter the pH of your vaginal area, which in turn can create an environment for bacteria to grow. Instead, opt to wash up with water. If you must use something, choose a mild, unscented soap that won’t cause irritation.

If you’ve developed a UTI, the first thing you must do is visit the doctor. In most cases, you will be prescribed with a round of antibiotics once you’ve tested positive. Whilst the pills work their magic, you can try out a few of these tips to speed up the recovery process:

4. Hydrate Often

Drinking a lot of fluids will cause you to urinate more often. This, in turn, will help flush out the bacteria from your system. However, be sure to avoid caffeinated or carbonated drinks as they tend to irritate the bladder.

5. Ingest The Right Things

Sipping on unsweetened cranberry juice or taking cranberry supplements have proved to be effective in some cases. Apparently, these products contain a molecule that helps fight off the bacteria that is responsible for the infection. Also, probiotics and foods rich in vitamin C are good options to eat when sick.

6. Choose Cotton

Wearing loose fitting cotton clothes and underwear will keep your body dry so as to stop the infection from spreading.

To sum it all up, adopting good and hygienic habits can go a long way in preventing this painful condition. If you do have any other helpful tips regarding UTIs, drop a line in the comments below.

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