Deepika Padukone is really the best. She’s one of the finest actresses in our country, she’s stunning and she absolutely loves her fans. Her fans are rockstars though. I mean they literally know each and everything about their favourite actress. When MissMalini interviewed Deepika at the OPPO F3 Deepika Padukone Limited Edition Phone launch, one of the questions she asked her was what would her superpower be? Deepika was like – “all my fans know this” and before she could complete the sentence, her fans present in the audience said it out loud.

And the answer is….

*Drum rolls*

Vacuum cleaner!

Deepika Padukone (Source: Tumblr)
Deepika Padukone (Source: Tumblr)

Yep, Deepika’s love for cleanliness is well known, but we didn’t know that her desired superpower would be to turn into a vacuum cleaner! Her ‘crazens’ though, knew everything.

They have even tweeted about this rather unexpected answer two years ago –

To show her love for such dedicated fans, Deepika and OPPO mobiles have decided to surprise them by launching The OPPO F3 Deepika Padukone Limited Edition Phone. The special phone (which has Deepika’s laser autograph) will be available from August 21st, 2017 on Flipkart and all offline stores across India. Awesome isn’t it?

In the interview, Deepika also revealed that because of her long limbs and her amazing phone, she’s usually the one taking group selfies. Her friends often make sure she’s in the corner so that she can take a good selfie.

She also gave some fun tips on getting the perfect selfie. In her own words – “Never take the front face, I look like a squished lizard“, and if Deepika thinks she can look imperfect from any angle, then well, you should pay heed to what she’s saying.

Talking about selfies and her peers, Deepika said that she feels Sonakshi Sinha clicks the best selfies. Aww!

But the superstar was happiest with the colour of this limited edition phone, rose gold is her absolute favourite and she is delighted that her fans will get to purchase something which is so close to her.

Want to know more about this awesome surprise? Check out Deepika’s interview with MissMalini right away!

This post is in partnership with OPPO Mobiles India.