You Need To Join This Initiative If You Are Also Pained By The Treatment Of The National Flag After Independence Day!

Sukriti Gumber , 12 Aug 2017
Save the tiranga | Micromax

Every year on Independence Day, thousands of flags are literally being flagged around all over the country. It’s the day to show your patriotism, after all! But have you ever wondered that the flags we buy to symbolise our pride could, in reality, be a shameful act?!

From child labour, to disrespect towards our National flag to the irreversible damage we do to our environment – there is a lot more that goes on behind buying a piece of paper with our tricolour on it. Through its thoughtful campaign this year, Micromax wants to question the importance attached to the flag – do we have the wrong nation of patriotism?

What happens a day after we are done proudly displaying our flags in our cars, classroom, office spaces etc? Isn’t it better to go digital and paperless, like we have in most other spheres of our lives?

Watch this video for a better understanding of Micromax’s noble initiative:

Save The Tiranga

Each year on Independence Day, we proudly raise our National Flag-only to leave it in the dust next morning.Now it’s time to show your respect. Download the Tiranga App by Micromax and wave the Tricolour digitally. #SaveTheTiranga

Micromax India 发布于 2017年8月10日

Commenting on the campaign, Shubodip Pal, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, Micromax Informatics said:

Independence Day is a day to celebrate our freedom and its time we celebrate it responsibly. We see children selling flags on traffic signals, market areas and we even buy them. We proudly raise the National flag but unknowingly, post the day ends, it doesn’t get the respect it deserves. They are rolled in a corner and at times left to gather dust. While digital is changing all walks of life, why not the way Indians celebrate 15th August. We wanted to give each Indian a chance to show real respect to the flag and hence are launching ‘The Tiranga App’ which can be installed on any smartphone and one can raise the National flag respectfully and digitally. It is the first digital flag for the Indians which will not only stimulate the sense of nationalism but would also create awareness.

Be a part of this initiative, your small efforts will go a long way. Start by simply downloading the app here and be a part of change. #SaveTheTiranga

If you are still not inspired enough, take a look at a few celebs who are a part of this new wave of change:

P.S – Happy Independence Day!

This post is in partnership with Micromax.

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