Taimur Ali Khan

Taimur Ali Khan is a cupcake – except that he can’t be eaten! He’s like the forbidden fruit dessert. You get me, don’t you?! Every time the kid makes an appearance, we can’t stop gushing over him – he is just too adorable. It won’t be entirely wrong to call him a cupcake – he is delicious, he makes one happy by merely being present and he is beautiful!

Moreover, he looks like one too! Pick your favourite flavour!

1. If you are a red velvet fan:

Source: Instagram | @fabulousbake

2. Care for some lemon frosting with vanilla base?

Source: Instagram | @Quierocupcakes

3. If you like snowflake kinda whites

Source: Instagram | @pearlsonlyofficial

4. Taimur can double up as butter cream also!

Source: Instagram

5. He is a beauty, just like cupcakes!

Source: Instagram | @southinstylecakes

6. Or a dollop of deliciousssss blueberry & cream!

Source: Instagram | @greyfeedish

7. You see the resemblance, don’t you?!

Source: Instagram | @619ladd

8. Just. So. Pretty.

Source: Instagram | @cakesbycharity

Taimur breaks the internet with every appearance he makes. It’s only fitting that we change his mommy Kareena Kapoor‘s iconic dialogue and make it – Cute looks! Cute looks! Cute looks!