Popular Bhojpuri actor and ex-Bigg Boss contestant Nirahua recently drunk misbehaved with an air hostess on a flight to London. According to a report in DNA, Nirahua and some other Bhojpuri actors were travelling to London on July 28 to attend the Bhojpuri Film Festival there. The actor was reportedly drunk by the time the flight took off, and he allegedly misbehaved with a crew member. The incident left onlookers disgusted with Nirahua’s behaviour and an eye-witness told DNA:

Nirahua was completely sloshed by the time the flight took off. He was loud, aggressive, unruly and he misbehaved with an air hostess. All hell broke loose and there would have been hell to pay for if the other actors on board had not mediated and pacified the offended lady. She agreed not to file a police complaint against Nirahua after he apologised or else he would be behind the bars.

The alleged behaviour was definitely not expected from a public figure as popular as Nirahua. But as long as he realises his mistake, he deserves a second chance.

Nirahua in Bigg Boss 10 (Source: Twitter | @BiggBoss)

He entered the Bigg Boss house again last year to attend his close friends Monalisa and Vikrant Singh Rajpoot‘s wedding.