News of TV actor Amit Tandon‘s wife Ruby being arrested in Dubai broke out some days ago. As per reports, Ruby, who is a successful dermatologist in India, has been in Al Raffa jail in Dubai for over a month now. Now, according to, her estranged husband, Amit flew to Dubai and tried to get her out on bail, but as per their sources, Ruby’s bail plea has been rejected week and she will remain in jail.

Here’s what the source has told the website about the dire situation –

Heart bleeds for Amit who tried his best. He has differences with Ruby and has filed for a legal separation- but in this hour of crisis, he has left no stone unturned to try and get Ruby freed.

This isn’t the first time her plea for a bail has been rejected by officials in Dubai, another source revealed that certain Dubai Health Authorities officials have alleged that Ruby threatened some government officials.

We hope the matter is settled soon and their daughter is alright.