Rajev Paul Has The Most Hilarious Comeback To His Wedding Rumours

Swagata Dam , 18 Aug 2017

Yesterday, we carried a story about Rajev Paul getting married to his alleged girlfriend, Anjali Raina. Considering several reports suggested that yesterday was his wedding day, we didn’t think it was appropriate for us to buzz him on this special occasion. But the moment we realised that there might be no truth to these reports, we got in touch with the actor. What followed was a hilarious conversation. Excerpts:

Honestly, it’s pretty amusing to read all that. But I am certainly not getting married ya. The thing is that I put up this picture which said ‘To A New Beginning’ 17th August. New Beginning is the name of my short film with Yash Raj Films that I’ve done. And everyone gave it a whole new angle. I don’t know what the reason is. I only believed that it’s Salman Khan, who everyone wants to see getting married. Now, I don’t know why people are so keen on getting me married. Every time they see a picture of me with a girl, they say that I am getting married. I think it’s quite cute that people think so much about me. But it’s rather funny for the girl. Girls don’t want to go out with me ya now. They think ki ab toh humaari shaadi isse fix ho jayegi. And it will stay on Google for years that she was married to me.

Talking about the girl in the picture above, he said:

I have met Mohini just once in my life. I just met her for the shoot for a few hours. I don’t even know her! So I am definitely not getting married to her.

Who is Anjali Raina?

Anjali is a very dear friend. And I don’t know how the stories of us dating started. Of course, I put pictures with my friends every now and then ya.

After Bigg Boss, people used to say things about Sunaina and me, Sana and me. I hold on to Sana and keep telling her that ‘Stay my friend’ because at this rate, if she also refuses to be my friend, I will be left with no one. So please ya! Let me go out. I am single.

Noted, Rajev!

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