Our cell phones have become such an integral part of our lives. So much, that it’s almost impossible to live without them, and why not? They’re like our very own personal diaries and keep us connected to the world of social media – one which whether you like or not, you can’t escape! How often have you had your friends or parents sneakily try and peek into your phone and see who you’re texting or what you’re posting?

If there’s so much curiosity around the phone and us mere mortals, imagine what it’s like with celebrities. Especially when you’re Deepika Padukone! She is undoubtedly one of India’s biggest stars and is fairly private about her life. But we did the unthinkable and got DP to reveal some phone secrets of hers.

Ever wondered who she last texted or what she googles? Well, we hung out with DP recently at the launch of her OPPO F3 Deepika Padukone Limited Edition (which is absolutely incredible, btw), and got her to reveal her secrets. Check out this video.

Haha. Who would’ve thought she’d be listening to Dilemma by Nelly? That was totally unexpected! If you love Deepika as much as we do and want to get your hands on this special edition phone, now is your chance. The phone has just launched today and will be available for Rs. 19,990 on Flipkart for online orders.

What are you waiting for? Go and bring out your rose gold tinted glasses. 🙂

PS – Deepika also told us who she thinks takes the best selfies and had a rather surprising wish for a super power. You can watch our Facebook live with the gorgeous girl here.

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