Prince Narula & Yuvika Chaudhary have been romantically linked to each other ever since they were together in the Bigg Boss house in 2015. Their chemistry scores high in their romantic track – it only makes sense that they get together in real life also, right?

Prince once dropped a hint on social media that he proposed to Yuvika, and later, they also went for a vacation together to Goa. Apart from that, Karan Kundra also confirmed the fact that they are indeed a couple.

Sadly, according to Yuvika, there is no truth to these “facts” and our matchmaking dreams! She  recently gave a statement to IndiaForums, denying any sort of romantic inclinations towards Prince:

Prince is a very good friend. He is brilliant and a grounded actor to work with. I’m impressed with his gentle behaviour. He and I get along really good, but it doesn’t mean we are dating. If I do, I am not scared to hide it as it would not be a crime. I am used to such rumours and they don’t affect me anymore. The day I will feel strongly for him, I will proudly announce it. Anything can happen in life, so I go with the flow and let people talk anything. As a friend, I love and adore him.So just good friends, huh?! They look adorable together though!

Look how cute they look playing The Whisper Challenge!