Athiya Shetty
Athiya Shetty

With her lush tresses and leggy frame, Athiya Shetty is a natural beauty. However, the actress’ latest makeup choices have taken her look up another notch. From bold lips to shimmery eyes, she manages to nail every fad out there. Here are 7 times when she left us absolutely stunned.

1. When She Rocked That Inner Highlight

Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes is nothing new. Doing it in hues of purple, however? So trendy!

2. When She Flaunted A Bold Pout

With her wavy locks and fiery, orange pout, Athiya showed that sometimes all you need is a bright lipstick.

3. When She Tried A Smoky Eye… With A Twist

Rather than adding a dark shadow to her upper lids, Athiya went for a reverse smoky eye. The emphasis on her lower waterline added a whole lot of edginess to her look.

4. When She Glittered

Shimmer shadow has never looked this good! The gold tones suited the actress’ complexion perfectly, whilst her carved cheekbones and flushed cheeks finished off the look.

5. When She Nailed That Wing

In a stark contrast to her bohemian braid, Athiya opted for a crisp cat-eye to define her eyes.

6. When She Went For Red

With her vivid cherry lips and flawless complexion, the actress looked poppin’ fresh.

7. When She Experimented With Colour

Why stick to classic colours when you can go for the unexpected? Athiya’s blue-grey, icy shadow made her look ethereal and beautiful.

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