Falguni Pathak, whose indie-pop songs make it to every nostalgic music playlist about the rise of non-Bollywood music in India, is now usually spotted only during Navratri. Her sudden absence from mainstream media has provided fodder for many memes and jokes on social media, especially Twitter.

Here are some examples –


Anyway, as you can see Navratri is approaching and so is Fagluni, so we’re sure her fans must be over the moon. According to a report on DNA, the singer will be performing at a high-scale event in Borivali, Mumbai and she’s being paid a very neat amount for the same.

The article says Falguni is being paid Rs 1.75 crore plus 18% GST for the nine-day festival which will begin on September 21. The total amount including tax is around Rs 2.08 crore, which means she will make Rs 19.44 lac every night.

That’s pretty amazing. Till she makes her presence felt again, let’s listen to her best song ever (IMHO) –