Sunny Leone, Daniel Weber

Sunny Leone, along with her husband Daniel Weber recently adopted a baby girl from Latur, and decided to call her Nisha Kaur Weber. Sure enough, having a baby changed Sunny’s life and she is enjoying the new phase of her life. Speaking to IANS at the recently held Lakme Fashion week, Sunny said:

It is so amazing to have her (Nisha). Both Daniel and I are hands-on parents. We bathe her, wash her, change her nappies and feed her. Also when she wakes up, we wake up. Both of us keep on running into her room to say ‘good morning’ and sometimes we are pushing each other to get in first. We are really happy.

The process of adopting the baby was a time consuming process for the couple, as Sunny says:

We decided almost two years ago that we will adopt because we are volunteers at times with different orphanages and shelters and especially one in particular, which is St. Catherine’s Home. We loved that every single woman was a volunteer who helped the children and there were so many babies there. They have taken girls who have been trafficked, children who have been trafficked, children who have HIV. Just seeing that glimpse touches you. There are so many children who want parents. We had that room in our heart, financially and in our home, so everything fell into place.We are so proud of you, Sunny. You not only gave a new life to an orphan girl, but also inspired several others to adopt and make the world a better place!