Bani J Shuts Down Rumours Of A Fight With Gauahar Khan With This Instagram Post

Sukriti Gumber , 24 Aug 2017
Bani J and Gauahar Khan | Source: Instagram |
Bani J and Gauahar Khan | Source: Instagram |

Gauahar Khan and Bani J were regular BFFs just like any of us – they travelled together, went for coffee & dinner dates, and the latter was ecstatic when Gauahar came to meet her in Bigg Boss 10. However, there was a lull in their relationship in the past few weeks, which did not escape the attention of #GauBani fans.

There were hardly any Snapchat stories or Instagram posts, which led everyone to think that all is not well in paradise. Their relationship went through a turbulent phase lately, and the final sign of discord was when they unfollowed each other on Instagram and Twitter.

You can read about everything that happened here.

But, we have good news for you guys. Gauahar and Bani seem to have buried the hatchet about whatever it was that separated them. Yesterday, on Gauahar’s birthday, Bani posted a photo of them from their Bali trip on her Instagram story.

Check it out:

Source: Instagram | @banij

Woohoo! Faith in friendship restored!

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