Afroz Malik, the President of an NGO called Jai Ho Foundation, filed a complain to the Mumbai Cyber Crime department for child pornography against Rishi Kapoor. This was due to a tweet posted by the actor which had a nude minor with headphone inside his bum. While Rishi is known to post tweets that bring him a lot of attention, this time he went a bit far by posting this meme.

Here’s the offending tweet –

Twitter: @chintskap

And here’s the complaint filed against him –

The said tweet has been deleted and as per various reports, Rishi Kapoor has not reacted to it. But he has RT’d a tweet supporting him –

Rishi is known to be very vocal on the social media site and has often landed in trouble because of his lack of filter when it comes to posting things. Stay tuned for more updates about this matter.