Rishi Kapoor is known to be vocal of his opinions and always takes to Twitter to unabashedly voice them. Unfortunately for the actor, this lands him in trouble more often than not. An FIR was recently filed against Kapoor by Afroz Malik, the president of the Jai Ho Foundation after Kapoor posted a tweet which had the photo of a nude minor posing with headphones. This was registered with the Mumbai Cyber Crime Department for child pornography and has since then, been making headlines.

Rishi Kapoor has now come out and responded to these allegations in a recent interview with Hindustan Times. Here are excerpts.

I don’t even know how out of the blue anybody just files an FIR against you for no reason. I didn’t intentionally hurt anybody’s feeling or sentiments. When they felt I did something wrong, I deleted the post and it’s as simple as that. Today, people create a mountain out of a molehill. Such things won’t stop me from posting my opinion through photos and comments.

He further added,

It was just a tweet about a child playing with his backside nude, with an earphone, and the wire up his ass, and I said this is what is happening today with all these God-men talking nonsense and getting arrested. But people made a great issue out of it. I guess they don’t have any other work. This isn’t a serious offence, that I have hurt someone’s sensibility or some personal grief has been given to somebody. Is this a democracy, or what? Can anybody file an FIR against anybody anywhere?

He also felt it’s all blown out of proportion because he’s a celebrity.

Just because we’re a celebrity, it’s blown out of proportion. This is just harassment of the celebrities. I’ve never been malicious about anything. I’ve always tried to poke fun about what’s happening. Who cares about such complaints? My lawyers are ready to take care of the situation. I don’t pay attention to such things; they keep happening all the time. People enjoy my tweets. I have so many followers who enjoy my tweets. If someone doesn’t like me, then they’re welcome to unfollow me.

Hmm. Unfiltered as always, Mr. Kapoor! What are your thoughts?