Mahesh Bhupathi Had The Most Husband-Like Reaction When Lara Dutta Used His Grand Slam Towels To Stop The Rain 

Divya Rao , 30 Aug 2017

If you followed the news yesterday, you’ll know that Mumbai saw a horrible flood with torrential rain. There was water-logging everywhere and people tried their best to get home or find a safe space. The situation seems to be a little better this morning with some sunshine, but people have been taking to social media to share their plight.

Lara Dutta posted this hilarious picture of her using her husband Mahesh Bhupathi‘s Grand Slam towels to prevent the rain water from entering her house, and then tagged him in it.

He had the most husband-like reaction after!

No really, his other friends seemed to agree too.

Someone even took it a step further and had some fun with Photoshop.

Haha. You don’t mess with the wife ever! Jokes apart, we hope all of you are safe. Please stay indoors if you can and if you need help, here’s more information.

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