Misha Kapoor

Misha Kapoor celebrated her first birthday recently and the li’l munchkin even cut a birthday cake with her doting parents – Mira Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor. We recently came across a beautiful photo of Misha’s first birthday cake, posted on Instagram by the cakery, Daffodils.

It’s gorgeous, check it out here:

The theme for Misha’s first birthday was ice cream, which is why the cake had a huge ice cream cone set atop. Also, there were ice cream shaped cookies for the party.

Check them out:

Apart from the cake and cookies, the party also had various other desserts, all of which were healthy. That comes as no surprise considering Misha and Shahid are pretty health conscious. There were a bunch of healthy desserts, such as avocado chocolate mousse; eggless date, carrot and walnut cake; grilled peaches and mascarpone with sesame crumble, and raspberry coconut panna cotta.

Wow! Just have a look:

This is SO cute, right?!