Chunky Panday Reacts To Farah Khan's Comment That Ananya Is Too Lovely To Be His Daughter

Sukriti Gumber , 01 Sep 2017
Chunky Pandey, Bhavna Pandey

A few days ago, Chunky Panday‘s wife Bhavana Panday posted a stunning selfie of their daughter Ananya Panday on her Instagram. TBH, the young star kid was looking gorgeous and made us wonder if she is looking at Bollywood anytime in the near future!

Looks like Farah Khan had the same thoughts going on in her head. She took a hilarious yet friendly dig at Chunky by commenting that they need to get a DNA test done as Ananya is too lovely to be his daughter.

Now that is obviously a compliment to his daughter, and in an interview with HT, Chunky said:

Farah is a darling friend and I know what she meant. She actually called Ananya beautiful. So I take that as a compliment. Also, Farah, Sajid Khan and I have a dark sense of humour, so we often crack such jokes about each other.

Ananya sure is beautiful! And Farah indeed has a dark sense of humour, for which we love her the most!

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