“He Was Bullying Me” – Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out At Hrithik Roshan

“He Was Bullying Me” – Kangana Ranaut Lashes Out At Hrithik Roshan

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Kangana Ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut has been breaking the Internet one explosive interview after the other. She hung out with an equally feisty lady, Barkha Dutt, last evening for a live chat, and Kangana was as unfiltered as she possibly could have been. Standing true to her nature, she bravely took on every question that came her way and didn’t mince words when she was asked about the biggest controversy of the year – her affair with Hrithik Roshan. Here are excerpts from her interview.

When asked about being called a liar and being accused of fabricating an affair:

None of this matters. No matter who thinks what but when Hrithik Roshan himself says to me that he doesn’t know me and that all of this was in my mind, and I imagined that all of it was just someone impersonating him, it sounds really bizarre – almost like a bad film. It seems like a bizarre nightmare. It doesn’t make sense. What people say, what they think of our equation, it’s of no consequence.

She put everything at stake for this and spent money on lawyers

I have put everything at stake for that legal battle. If i had to end it on this note, I could have said sorry to him. He said to me three times that if you don’t want to apologise to me publicly, at least apologise to me privately. If this is where I have to stop, when it didn’t go anywhere, then what was the point of that whole exercise and spending so much money? He’s spending his father’s money but I’m spending my own money on lawyers. So, what is the point?

She explained how it all started…

The case has ended. He’s gone in circles and circles to confuse people but I’ll clarify it in three lines. He sent me a legal notice. I spoke in some interview saying ‘silly ex’. So, he sent me a notice saying ‘I’m that silly ex you’re talking about and you have to publicly apologise to me because you’re causing great damage to my image. And he also claimed that if I failed to do so, he will leak some of my private images and videos, he will expose me. I don’t know what he meant – if he will expose me, my body, what… but if I failed to do so, he would expose me. So, I replied back to him saying ‘A. You have to prove that you’re that silly ex. B. You can’t blackmail any girl like that.’ There’s seven years imprisonment for something like this, and girls, you should know that. No one can release any of the material that was exchanged between two parties. So, he was completely shocked that I didn’t get scared. That I hired a lawyer, that people coming from villages also had money. So, then, he took an U Turn. She changed his stance. He said let her say she had an affair and that she was with someone but that wasn’t me. That was my imposter and I have no collection of any meeting or communication with an imposter. But that’s none of my business if someone wants to find their imposter. His and my case ends here. Now starts his case with his imposter.”

She went about doing her things…

Eventually truth was on my side and the cyber cell gave their report and said there was no imposter. So, you see, this is what extra marital affairs make you do! He’s not a criminal but it makes you one. Guys, listen to this. So, please refrain from extramarital affairs. I paid for his mistakes.

She said he wanted to shut her up…

He was bullying me. I don’t think he thought I’d hit back. He’s seen me as too docile in love, too tame. He must be so shocked to see this side of mine and suddenly see me gather so much strength. He wanted to shut me up with that notice.

Does Kangana really want an apology?

It’s been the most traumatic phase of my life. That chapter is over. He said he wanted an apology from me, so in that context I said I’m the one who’s owed an apology. But do I really want an apology? No. I’m done with that.

Ouch. You can watch the whole interview here. It’ll blow your mind.

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