Karan Tacker Reveals The One Thing He Can't Sleep Without

Divya Rao , 04 Sep 2017
Karan Tacker in AT Men at the 2016 GQ Best Dressed party
Karan Tacker in AT Men

Karan Tacker is easily one of the most popular and good looking faces on Indian television right now. From hosting Nach Baliye and the green carpet at the IIFA Awards to hosting a special event for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Israel, he’s everywhere. And if rumours are to be believed, he’s soon making his Bollywood debut in a Karan Johar film. More on that later.

I caught up with him recently and asked him to tell me one weird fact about him that we don’t know of, and his answer was hilarious! Turns out, Karan can’t go to bed without his socks.

I’m embarrassed about it but I can’t sleep without socks. I have special sleeping socks which are long enough till my calves, which have slight cushioning inside, so it feels soft when I’m wearing them, and they’re sort of loose.

Who would’ve thought? And if you must know more about Karan’s quirky sleeping habits, he can’t can’t sleep on his sides. He has to sleep on his back like he’s “in a coffin” in his words. Haha.

To watch him reveal more things about himself including what his porn-star name would be (LOL), check out this video below.

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