Sona Mohapatra Goes On A Rant Against Kangana Ranaut’s Recent Interviews

Swagata Dam
Sona Mohapatra, Kangana Ranaut
Sona Mohapatra, Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut happens to be one of the most fearless, bold and outspoken women in the industry today. And all of us have been witnessing how unabashedly she’s speaking up about her bitter past and her relationship with Hrithik Roshan, in her recent interviews. While the actress asserts that she will continue to talk about these incidents whenever she’s asked about it, many are calling her out for this ‘marketing gimmick’ just before her film Simrans release.

Another fiercely outspoken B-town girl, Sona Mohapatra took to Facebook to write her thoughts about Kangana’s latest interviews. Here’s what she posted:

When someone tweeted saying Kangana hasn’t been mentioning her movie in any of these interviews, Sona replied:

What are your thoughts, guys?

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