VIDEO: This Desi Stand-Up Comedian’s Take On Indian Hospitality & Games Is On Point!

Shreemi Verma
Stand up comic Nitin Mirani
Stand up comic Nitin Mirani

Popular stand-up comedian Nitin Mirani released a new video today where he addresses our country’s extremely generous hospitality; we’re so generous, it gets out of hand sometimes. In addition to that, he also hilariously discusses our affinity to name Indian games in the strangest way ever. Like it’s never just ‘ghar‘, it’s ‘ghar ghar‘.

If we’re not doubling down names of games, we try to rhyme them – like ‘chuppa chuppi‘. There’s a bit about British accents as well, which personally hits home as I’m obsessed with that accent. But then, who isn’t?


Check it out, it’ll make your day!

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