Bobby Darling Feels Her Husband Ramneek Sharma Might Get Her Killed

Bobby Darling Feels Her Husband Ramneek Sharma Might Get Her Killed

Shreemi Verma

Bobby Darling, whose real name is now Pakhi, has been in the news since the past few days due to her divorce proceedings. The actress has accused her husband, Bhopal based businessman Ramneek Sharma of domestic violence, unnatural sex and dowry demands. In an interview to Pinkvilla, she opened up about the threats to her life because her decision to leave her allegedly abusive husband. Here’s what she said when the website contacted her –

Main sirf divorce chahti hoon I have a feeling he would kill me or get me killed and prove it’s a natural death of mine I have a very strong doubt and I don’t trust him anymore now, OmSaiRam bless me please.

She added that if he still loved her, he should agree to a divorce by mutual consent. She also said she wants him to return the penthouse she bought in Bhopal, her SUV and the apartment she bought in Mumbai with her money.

As per the report, Bobby believes that the Bhopal police is favouring her estranged husband in this case. She has written to the Inspector General but he hasn’t responded to her complaints. Bobby has also emailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of Bhopal Shivraj Singh Chauhan, about her problems with her husband.

We hope something comes out of it. Stay tuned for more updates.