Bobby Darling's Husband Denies The Domestic Abuse Allegations Against Him

Sukriti Gumber , 06 Sep 2017
Bobby Darling with her beau
Bobby Darling with her husband.

Pakhi Sharma, previously known as Bobby Darling married Bhopal-based businessman Ramneek Sharma in 2016 after undergoing a sex change operation. A couple of days ago, Bobby filed for divorce, citing reasons such as domestic violence and unnatural sex.

According to reports, Bobby accused her husband and in-laws of harassment, physical torture and domestic violence. However, Ramneek has denied all allegations against him, and feels his wife is doing all this to hog publicity. He told a popular daily:

She doesn’t have any work for the past five years. She wanted to hog the limelight to get work in the Bollywood… All her allegations are baseless. I have told the police my side of the story and given my statement. I have also provided supporting documents.

Well, the truth will unfold with time. Till then, stay tuned for more updates!

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