Aww! Alia Bhatt Talks About Her One True Love

Swagata Dam , 07 Sep 2017

If you follow Alia Bhatt on social media, you must be already knowing that she dotes on her cat. The actress loves her pet and often puts its pictures on Instagram. It’s not hard to guess that she’s obsessed with him. Now, I don’t know whether she’s a Twilight fan or just like that – but her cat’s name is Edward. And her love story with this Edward is nothing less than Edward and Bella’s popular love saga.

Some things just fill your heart without trying ?

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Alia is crazy about her Edward and misses him a lot while shooting.

Love of my life ?

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In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, she spoke about her cat:

“It is true love, and the only kind of love that I have (laughs). I would call it, ‘one solid relationship.'”

Aww. If only she was talking about a certain Mr. Malhotra!

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