Bigg Boss Contestant Priya Malik Calls A Producer/Director Out On Social Media Sending Creepy Messages

Shreemi Verma , 07 Sep 2017
Priya Malik

Former Bigg Boss contest, actress and columnist Priya Malik is one of the coolest celebrities to follow on social media. Her biting humour, her take on social issues and her lack of fucks to give, all of them make for a very interesting Twitter timeline.

In her latest tweet, Priya shared a screenshot of a message sent to her by a producer/director, and well, let’s just say, the unnamed person is quite the creep.

Women as well as men do face a lot of crap like this, it’s pretty brave for Priya to call the person out like that on social media.

Last year, Priya also did some fun Bigg Boss recaps for us, you can read them here.

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Cool right?

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