Anita Hassanandani & Rohit Reddy's Love Story Is Unusual, Sweet & Special!

Sukriti Gumber , 08 Sep 2017
Anita Hassanandani, Rohit Reddy

As much as we love celeb jodis, we are always intrigued when a popular face chooses a not-so-popular face as a life partner. I know, I know – love can happen anywhere, anytime with anyone – and it’s always delightful as ever! Chances are, when people from two opposite worlds meet, they always have an interesting story to tell. Just like Anita Hassanandani & Rohit Reddy, or #Ronita as fans call them.

She is a star with a crazy fan following, and he is a regular businessman from Goa; she is a Sindhi whereas he is Telugu, and yet they were meant to be!

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How? We’ll tell you, read on!

Rohit and Anita used to go to the same gym, and no surprises for guessing, he was smitten by her! He saw her once outside a pub waiting for her car, when he decided to approach her. Rohit began with some corny romantic lines, but the funniest part was that he had no idea Anita was a popular TV star. (Which obviously Anita refuses to believe!)

Post their brief meeting outside the pub, they started chatting on Facebook. And as fate would have it, they met again through a common friend. Thereafter began a series of dates and getting to know each other better. Anita was bowled over by Rohit’s gentlemanly behaviour, his dimpled smile and great physique.

But what actually drove them to acknowledging their feeling for each other?

Anita shared an incident with BollywoodShaadis:

I used to love drinking in my younger days. This one night I went overboard and got into a fight with Rohit. It was all my mistake. Woke up the next day, apologised to him saying ‘I’m sorry Rohit I’ll give up drinking if you want’. He replied saying, ‘No you don’t have to give up on anything for me. Just try staying in control. You are a public figure, you have to be careful,’ – and that was the moment I knew he’s my man! Who loves me for ME; with all the flaws! He didn’t want me to change a thing for him. It’s been 6 years and the only change in me is that I’m a better, a more positive person. Not only that, I’m more successful than I used to be!

Ta-da! Anita’s dream man finally found her, they got their families involved and got married soon after in October 2013, in Goa. They have been together for almost 7 years now, they goof around like BFFs, travel together like buddies and of course, love endlessly!

This has cute written all over it, right?!

Anita even went ahead to get Rohit’s initials tattooed on her wrist, check it out:

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Currently, the couple is on a vacation in Switzerland!

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Romancing #DDLJStyle

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They make an adorable couple, don’t they?! Touchwood! <3

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