Ever Wondered How To Escape Prison? Team Lucknow Central Shows You

Ever Wondered How To Escape Prison? Team Lucknow Central Shows You

Divya Rao
Lucknow Central

If you’re in prison, the only thing you’ll ever be thinking about is ‘How do I escape?’. In other words ‘Bhaagengekaise?’ just like Deepak Dobriyal says in the trailer of Lucknow Central. If you’ve been following the film, you’ll know that the film is about the 5 inmates who form a band and hope to escape prison through it. And of course, when we watch movies based in prison, we often think of the best ways to escape should we find ourselves in a situation like that ever (hopefully not!)

So presenting five tried and tested escape methods – Lucknow Central style.

The guard’s sleep is the lamplight of the thief

The world of cinema has made this look super easy and that’s why we never believed it would be possible. But truth be told, quite a few real-life prisoners have escaped by putting prison guards into deep slumber!

There’s always light at the end of the tunnel

The most common way to escape prison is to dig your way through! Prisoners have taken several years to dig tunnels that could be as much as 100 feet long to escape. The success rate of this method is definitely commendable!

Where there is an ill, there is a way

This method is certainly the least risky and physically taxing but the amount of convincing that would go into this is unimaginable. Pretend you are really unwell and are in desperate need of medical assistance. Get the authorities to take you to a hospital and run at the speed of light the first chance you get!

Make cop, fake cop

Find a friend, family member, an associate, or basically anyone who loves you unconditionally and would risk their life for you. Get them to pose as a fake cop on duty and get you out of jail. If that doesn’t work, you might as well take some inspiration from Leonardo Di Caprio in Catch Me If You Can!

Another brick in the wall

If nothing works out for you, the least you can do is choose the right time, put your heart in your mouth and run for your life. This will involve some tip-toeing, a lot of climbing and a final jump to freedom.

So, do you think Farhan and his band members choose their dreams or do they create their own escape method which will lead them to freedom? Find out on the 15th of September, 2017.